The Benefits of Raw Diet for Dogs

If you’re on the fence about possibly switching your pet to a raw diet, we are ready to help you out with some cold, hard, raw facts, so you can decide what diet is best suited for your pet.

Is A Raw Food Diet Beneficial for Dogs?

Research has shown many benefits of raw diets for pets. Whether you transition your pet to a fully raw diet, or just to incorporate or supplement with raw treats and food, we are sure that you'll be the results and benefits. Please consult with your veterinarian to devise a meal plan suitable for your pets' needs.

What are the Benefits of Raw Diets for Dogs?

You need to consider these dog raw food diet pros and cons for your pet's diet and health. Here are some of the key pros and cons for raw food diet for dogs.

Pros Cons
Health Boost - Raw Diets have been shown to increase pets' energy, vitality, and improve their skin and coat. Risks for Health Compromised Pets - There are some pets that should not eat a raw diet. If you have a pet that has a nutrient deficiency or is dealing with cancer, they should be kept on the diet recommended by your vet.
Control - With a raw diet, you are in complete control of what your pet eats. You will not have to worry or wonder what might be in their food bowl that you are unaware of, as is sometimes the case with highly processed foods. Time - Making your pets' meals at home can be time-consuming. Luckily, raw diets are gaining popularity and you can find high-quality prepared raw meats, like Pure Pheasant's, available.
Allergen-Free - Assuming you are choosing healthy sources of meats that are antibiotic-free, your dog will be less likely to have an allergic reaction to the food. Plus, there won’t be any unnecessary “extras” including any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives hiding in their food. Possible Tummy Troubles - Switching your pet to a raw diet should be done with the approval of your veterinarian. In some cases it can cause gastrointestinal upset.
Non-GMO - Without fruits and vegetables in your pets' diet, you will eliminate the risk of genetically modified ingredients. While you can add vegetables into your pets' raw diet you will have the control to ensure they are organically and responsibly grown. Big Bones - Some raw foods can contain bone fragments that are too large for pets' to properly digest. Make sure your food is processed properly to avoid concerns of obstructions. Pure Pheasant's raw prey diet is finely ground to avoid this risk.
Flexibility- Raw diets don’t have to be 100% raw. If you have a kibble that you trust, know, and love, you can easily adjust portions to include raw foods and customize your pets' mealtime. Not enough Nutrition- It is possible that without proper education, a raw diet could be too low in certain essential nutrients or vitamins. Prior to changing your pets' diet, do research and consult with your vet.

Pure Pheasant's Raw Prey Diet

Pure Pheasant’s Raw Pheasant Prey Diet is made with 100% real pheasant. This prey diet is made up of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ to mimic the makeup of a live pheasant. Our products are all 100% natural, free of artificial preservatives, fillers, colors, shot-free, and minimally processed.

Choose from 5 lb chubs or pre-portioned ½ lb patties. Our pheasants are raised at MacFarlane Pheasant farm, America's largest pheasant farm, and shipped directly from our farm to your door. You should know exactly where your pets' food is coming from and with Pure Pheasant, you can trust us every step of the way. Shop for our raw prey diet and freeze dried pheasant treats online today.

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  • Sherri – Our pheasants are fed a vegetarian, non-GMO diet. Unfortunately, we can not accept returns on products that have been opened.

    Amber – You would need to add our raw prey diet to an already complete diet food or feed a balanced diet of other fruits and vegetables along with a pet supplement.

    Pure Pheasant
  • Can’t wait to try this for my wonderful pup Aj

    MaryBeth Eldred
  • This looks really like a great product that I will try for my new puppy that I get in September… I am excited to find out even more about your products. I like that they are humainly raised and not treated with hormones or antibiotics. My husband wants to know what kind of feed you use for the pheasants?

    If you have to put charcoal in? Wouldn’t a good idea be to put the kind of charcoal that binds to bad things we don’t want in our dogs anyway? I’m not sure I get exactly what it is but at least you don’t do HPP.

    Looking forward to trying this for my new puppy. Do you have any guarantees in case they won’t eat the food?

    Thanks, Sherri

    Sherri Maliszewski
  • I’ve seen on Facebook that the pheasant mixture is not a balanced diet and should be used as a topper or a treat. So I am new to raw feeding and my question is what do I add to make it a complete and proper balanced diet?


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