Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Looking for some different foods to feed your dog? Not exactly sure what things may or may not be safe for them?

This can definitely be a very difficult task to take on. Your dog may not be able to be eat some of the things that we have come to enjoy ourselves. They can either be harmful to them or simply just too much for their stomachs to handle. 

Today we are going to help you understand whether or not your dog can eat oranges.

Can Your Dog Eat Oranges

Yes, dogs can eat oranges. Is it safe for your dog to eat oranges? According AKC.Org, veterinarians say that oranges are fine for dogs to eat. 

Keep in mind though, you should toss the orange peel and de-seed the orange. The orange peel in particular can be pretty rough on your dogs digestive system, and the oils can literally turn up the sensitivity in their noses. 

Can My Puppy Enjoy Oranges as Well?

Yes, your puppy can also eat oranges. You are going to want to only feed them small amounts though as they are more prone to gastrointestinal (GI) upset than older dogs. 

When Should They Be Avoided

Although oranges are safe for your dogs to eat you should not feed them if they are suffering from diabetes or are overweight (PetMD.Com). 

The sugars oranges are natural, but they could still impact the blood sugar levels in a diabetic dog. It is also these sugars that can increase the caloric intake of your dog increasing their chances of putting on more weight. 

If your dog suffers from any GI upset and stomach issues you should also avoid them or start out with a very small amount to make sure that it doesn’t affect them. 

Best Ways to Feed Oranges to Your Dog

Your dog can enjoy oranges in any shape, way, or form that you can think of. That even includes orange juice! However, keep in mind that oranges are a treat and are high in sugar, so they should only be enjoyed in moderation!

Treats should only make up 10% of your dogs daily diet so make sure you adjust accordingly.

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