The Benefits of Pheasant Meat for Dogs

Is Pheasant Meat Good for Dogs?

Yes, pheasant is a great protein option for dogs

What Are the Benefits of Pheasant for Dogs?

High in Vitamins and Minerals

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about any type of meat is the protein content. This is true whether we are considering meat options for ourselves or our dogs. But we can't overlook the other benefits of pheasant meat such as the vitamins and minerals when we are deciding what to feed man's best friend. 

What vitamins and minerals are we talking about and why are they important to dogs?

raw pheasant thigh and leg meat for pets
  • B Vitamins: helps regulate metabolism and hormones
  • Vitamin C:  antioxidant that reduces inflammation
  • Vitamin A: supports vision in dogs
  • Vitamin E: important for eyes, muscles and reproductive organs
  • Potassium: helps with muscle and nerve function
  • Omega 3: used to treat arthritis in dogs, kidney disease, and helps with brain development
  • Zinc: builds immunity
  • Selenium: aids in disease prevention and fertility
  • Antioxidants: provides a healthy skin and coat

And these are just the start of the list! 

Benefits of Protein Rotation

Pheasant meat is considered a lean protein, so in order to keep your pup of any age in top shape, protein rotation is highly recommended. This will ensure they are getting a variety of amino acids for overall health. 

What Meat Is Good For Dogs?

Readily available proteins such as turkey, pork, fish, venison, lamb and beef are excellent choices!

Ready to Start Feeding Your Pet Pheasant Meat?

We are proud to offer human-grade pheasant thigh & leg meat, frozen pet treats, and freeze-dried pet treats. Order online today at

A dog waiting for Pure Pheasant treats

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  • Do you deliver to Washington State 98310?
    Also do you have any discount codes you can send me for my first order? How many pheasant heads are in the 5 lb bag?
    And do you give a discount for auto ship ? Thank you 🙏
    Hugs from our Pugs ♥️

  • My dog loves freeze dried beef liver and duck jerky, from Fruita bless. I feed her Blue Buffalo duck and potato limited ingredients recipe for a daily diet. She’s allergic to chicken. Do you have pheasant jerky? How would I included the frozen pheasant in her diet? Is there anything other than pheasant in it? Is the allergy incidence low? I order online for all of my dog’s food online. I’m pleased to discover this choice!

    Renee Cooper

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