10 Easy Toppers for Dog Food

Do you have a picky eater? Sometimes, enticing your pet to eat their meal with a healthy, natural topper can be just the trick. 

Here are a few ideas to get your pet more interested in their food.

Dog Food Topper Ideas

  1. Crushed freeze dried treats. Crumbling freeze-dried pet treats overtop of your dog's kibble can be a great way to make them search through their kibble to find the delicious morsels for freeze-dried treats. Our freeze-dried pheasant breast are perfect to do this with!
    freeze dried pheasant breast
  2. Raw prey model. Adding a small amount of raw meat to the top of your pet's meal can be a great way to  work in some of the added benefits of a raw diet without completely transitioning your pet.
  3. Frozen dog treats. Frozen dog treats, like our frozen pheasant breasts, make a great topper for dog food. Making frozen pet treats, like these frozen treat recipes, ahead of time and letting them thaw slightly before putting them on top of your pet's food is a great idea as well.
  4. Bone broth. Bone broth can have several health benefits to your dog and will help add hydration and flavor to your pet's meal. 
  5. Crushed fruit. Crushed up fruit is also great for enticing your dog to eat their entire meal. The fruit juices will soak into some of their food and improve the taste overall.
  6. Fish oil. Fish oil not only tastes great, but can provide added omega-3s to your pet's diet and boost skin and coat health.
  7. Dr. Harvey's e-mune boost or other supplements. Adding a supplement on top of your pet's food will not only entice them to eat their meal, but also provide added health benefits.
  8. Shredded or finely sliced vegetables. Shred up some broccoli or carrots and add them to the top of your dog's food. Smaller pieces will mix in better with your pet's food and entice them to keep eating to get it all.
  9. Eggs. Whether you made too many scrabbled eggs for breakfast or you're making your dog their own egg, this superfood makes the perfect topper. 
  10. Animal Parts. If you have a dog that eats their food quickly, adding in animal parts can help slow down their healthy and add extra health benefits. Things like freeze-dried or frozen pheasant necks or pheasant legs make the perfect addition. 

Looking for more advice on healthy treats and feeding tips? Take a look at our recent blog posts.

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