Transitioning to Pure Pheasant Protein

A diet change for your dog may happen for a variety of reasons. You may want to try a cheaper alternative, you may be noticing what looks like allergy symptoms to your current dog food, or your previous brand may no longer be available.


Whatever your reason is, it is important that you follow these guidelines for changing your dog's diet.

Gradually Adjust Your Dog's Diet

DO NOT start your dog on a new diet once you run out of their normal food. This drastic change will potentially lead to severe digestion issues for your dog. Instead plan ahead.

When you have roughly a week's worth your current dog food left, start mixing in the new food gradually. On day 1, use 75% of the old food mixed with 25% of the new food, and keep increasing the percentage of new food mixed in until you are at 100% of the new food at the end of the week. 

Things to Watch For When Changing Your Dog's Diet

Things you need to watch out for during a food transitioning period:

  • A change in your dog's feces and bowel habits
  • Frequent gas (more than normal)
  • A decrease in thirst

If you notice any of these symptoms, simply slow down the transition process. 

The Benefits of Raw & Pheasant Meat for Dogs

Raw meat diets are increasingly in popularity. More and more studies are showing the nutritional benefits of incorporating raw meat daily into your dog's diet.

Dog's stomachs were designed to process raw food. A mix of raw meat, such as a pheasant protein, combined with the correct carbs and fats, creates the perfect daily diet. But if you aren't ready to make that commitment, raw meat makes an excellent tasty treat as well! 

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