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raw pheasant meat for dogs
raw pheasant patties for dogs
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Raw Frozen Pheasant Prey, 8ct ½ lb Patties

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This includes one 4 lb package of 8 - ½ lb patties. Order online today and we will ship your pheasant meat directly from our farm. Our raw pheasant is shipped frozen in insulated containers with dry ice.

This meat follows the 80/10/10  whole prey raw feeding model. Meaning the recipe makeup matches that of a live bird. This raw pheasant contains 80% pheasant meat, 10% pheasant bone, and 10% pheasant organ. 

This raw pheasant grind is made with real pheasant meat raised at MacFarlane Pheasant farm in Wisconsin. Our pheasants are raised humanely and without any antibiotics or hormones. This raw meat is:

  • Born, raised, and humanely harvested in Wisconsin
  • Grain- and gluten-free
  • Made without any artificial fillers or preservatives

This raw prey diet has ash/charcoal added as a part of a required denaturing process. See more details here.

By cutting out the middle-man, you know you'll be feeding your pet something you can trust. You shouldn't have to wonder where your pet's treats are sourced. Support our family-owned business while treating your pet to honest, wholesome nutrition. Pure Pheasant is owned by MacFarlane Pheasants. Learn more about our history and our birds here

Ingredients: Pheasant Meat, Pheasant Bones, Pheasant Hearts, Pheasant Liver

This raw prey diet has ash/charcoal added as a part of a required denaturing process. See more details here.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min.) 17%, Crude Fat (min.) 8%, Crude Fiber (max.) 1%, Moisture (max.) 78%.

Calorie Content  (calculated): 1200 kcal/kg, 272 kcal per pattie

Please note: This product will only be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays each week. We ship this raw pheasant directly from our farm in Wisconsin in a cooler with dry ice. All orders are shipped via UPS Ground and should arrive approximately within 1-4 days from the date of shipment based on location. This meat will arrive cool and safe for your pet's consumption.  

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we want to make it right. See our full returns and refund policy here or contact us at with any questions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Golden Retriever approved

My breeding Goldens love this in their diet

My dogs love it, and the price was right

I ordered both the patties and a 5# chub on a Tuesday and received the product the next day. All three of my standard poodles loved it, and pheasant will now definitely be in my feeding rotation. As I have limited freezer space, I am particularly happy to be able to buy smaller amounts of the pheasant without having to pay outrageous shipping costs. I am a happy customer.

Love it!

Recently found out my pup is allergic to many proteins including duck, chicken, beef & lamb so I’ve been looking for more sources for unique proteins to supplement his usual Primal frozen raw diet. Ordered the 1/2lb patties and my pup is a HUGE fan! Only suggestion I have is potentially including a small paper separator between patties for ease of separating while frozen but definitely not a deal breaker. Will definitely buy again!

Didn't receive what I ordered

I ordered the 1/2 lb patties 8ct and got a 5lb ground. So far our pup isn't a fan, but he is an on again, off again flavor tolerance. There is a strong gamey smell to the mix, so may need to blend with pumpkin. He lives the feet and heads, so know he'll grow into stronger flavors, 4 month old rottweiler


Not happy that charcoal is in my dogs food. Why?? Doesn’t make sense. Nor is it good for dogs.But the overall quality is wonderful.

Hi Angela -

With the process and inspection we work under, denaturing is mandatory in the operation. We understand there is some apprehension on the topic of denaturing and, in some cases, it is justified when it comes to very low quality protein. But, in our case, we are using premium human grade protein that has to be denatured solely for the purpose of differentiation between human food and dog food, which is one of the main purposes of denaturing.

We use a premium ash (charcoal), completely safe for pets, and humans as well. There is often a misconception is that the ash (charcoal) used is similar to the briquettes used in a bbq grill that have been compressed and have added chemicals. In reality, the ash added to our Raw Prey Diet is wood burned in an inert atmospheric reaction. That’s it. Just wood ash.

To be honest, we would prefer not to have it added as it seems counterintuitive to add more ingredients to something we want to be as pure as possible but if it has to be done we're glad it is a high quality product like the ash (charcoal) being used. But, again, it is something that is required.

We really appreciate your honest feedback and hope this helps if you understanding of the inclusive. Thanks for being a great customer!