The Denaturing Process of Our Raw Prey Diet

What are the black specs in the Raw Prey Diet?

Wondering what those black specs are in our Raw Prey Diet? These are tiny pieces of ash (charcoal) that we are required to add to our food as a part of a denaturing process. But rest assured, there are no negative affects of this addition to your pet.

Why is denaturing required?

With the process and inspection Pure Pheasant works under, denaturing is mandatory in the operation. We understand there is some apprehension on the topic of denaturing and, in some cases, it is justified when it comes to very low quality protein. In our case, we use premium human-grade protein that has to be denatured solely for the purpose of differentiation between human food and pet food, which is one of the main purposes of denaturing.

Is the ash/charcoal that's added safe?

We use a premium ash (charcoal), completely safe for pets, and humans as well. There is often a misconception is that the ash (charcoal) used is similar to the briquettes used in a bbq grill that have been compressed and have added chemicals. In reality, the ash added to our Raw Prey Diet is wood burned in an inert atmospheric reaction. That’s it. Just wood ash.

To be honest, we would prefer not to have it added as it seems counterintuitive to add more ingredients to something we want to be as pure as possible but if it has to be done we're glad it is a high quality product like the ash (charcoal) being used.

If you have further questions about our Raw Prey Diet or the inclusion of this ash in our product, feel free to reach out to us directly for more details. 

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  • Can this product be used for cats?

    Mary Gill
  • Our treats and eggs do not contain wood ash. It is only required for a our raw prey diet.

    Pure Pheasant
  • I love your product and would love to place an order for my German Shepherd but I’m really concerned about wood ash. What about eggs and treats? Do they have wood ash also?


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